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Top 10 Fat Burning Foods For Women

Do you want to make yourself healthy and attractive by reducing body fat? Don’t worry! Today I will tell you the top 10 fat burning foods for women that will quickly reduce your fat. Please read the article to the end and share your thought.

Ten types of fat burning foods to reduce body fat


1. Fatty fish

Salmon, fish, cod, mackerel, etc. all contain omega-three fatty acids, especially salmon, which are much more than content, promote fat metabolism and muscle growth, and improve chronic inflammation due to obesity.

2. MCT oil

Everyone may be relatively new when it comes to MCT oil, but the bulletproof coffee mentioned is more familiar to you! Yes, it is one of the essential ingredients. MCT oil also calls medium-chain fatty acid oil, which usually extracts from coconut oil or palm kernel oil. ৭This is because its composition is different than that of conventional oil, and it is less likely to be stored in the body and help speed up metabolism.

3. Coffee

Coffee usually increases metabolism. Of course, drinking suddenly is not useful, but if you want to lose fat, please choose something. Also, drinking a little black coffee before exercise improves epinephrine and helps to increase and trigger exercise performance.

4. Eggs

Eggs are not high in calories and contain plenty of protein, including all. Amino acids, in addition to effectively delaying satiety and inhibiting the release of appetite hormone, help the body perform nutritional absorption, metabolism, conversion, etc. This requires extra calories and creates a thermal effect of food to help us.

5. Green tea

Eating more than 1000 mg of catechins per day reduces fat. So it is usually recommended to drink a cup of green tea 2 hours after a meal. It also helps relieve greasiness as well as gastrointestinal motility and calorie intake. But keep in mind that drinking green tea on an empty stomach or too much time together can cause stomach irritation and stomach pain, diarrhea, and other problems! So be sure to eat it after meals, and refrain from drinking more than 1500 ml of green tea per day.

7. Apple cider vinegar

Edible vinegar itself contains “acetic acid,” “phytochemicals,” and “amino acids.” Acetic acid itself helps burn calories, the amino acids in vinegar help to enter the body and activate fat-burning enzymes to avoid fatty oils. After drinking apple cider vinegar, it usually recommends eating before meals, which reduces the rate of blood sugar rise and helps prolong satiety.

8. Pepper

Pepper comes from the “capsaicin” ingredient that can stimulate the secretion of adrenaline and increase the metabolism rate so that the metabolic energy-supplying fat wholly burned. However, be sure to eat pepper to reduce fat, Eat high-calorie processed spices.

9. Oolong tea

Although the catechin content of oolong tea is lower than that of green tea, other tea polyphenols help burn fat. These nutrients play an essential role in eliminating abdominal fat and lowering blood lipids. Those who do not usually drink tea or who have stomach weakness can drink oolong tea, as it is a semi-stimulating tea, typically mild and not irritating.

10. Almonds

Almonds, nuts, etc., and most nuts contain omega three fats that increase the rate of basal metabolism, accelerate fat burning, and are rich in protein and increase satiety.

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