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These 5 Exercises Can Help You Lose Weight

We all know exercise is essential for overall health, but when you’re trying to lose weight, it becomes even more important.
Now question is,
Where to start?

Dear viewers, today we gonna tell you 5 of the Best Exercises to Lose Weight.
So, if you are one of them, who wants to lose weight in a short period of time, then read this article till the end.
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Number 1.
Burpees with push-ups.

This is a full-body, heart-pumping exercise.
Anybody can do it easily at home.

How to do.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Squat as deeply as you can, and place your hands on the floor.
Kick back into a push-up position.
Do one push-up.
Bring your legs back to a squat and jump up, throwing your hands above your head.
Land and repeat.

Number 2.

This is another important weight-loss exercise that involved Glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps.

How to do.

Stand tall with feet hip-width apart.
Place hands on your hips or hold weights, and take a controlled step forward with your right leg.
Keeping your spine tall, lower your body until your front leg and back leg form a 90-degree angle.
Pause, then bring your right leg home to start.
Now do the other side by stepping forward with your left leg.

Number 3.

Squats are one of the best exercises for weight loss.
When you do them correctly, you engage your core and entire lower body.

How to do.

Stand with feet hip-width apart and toes facing straight ahead, or angled slightly outward.
Slowly bend the knees and squat, sending the hips back behind you while keeping your torso straight, and abs pulled in tight.

Keep your knees behind your toes. Make sure everything’s pointing in the same direction.
Squat as low as you can and push into your heels to stand up.

Number 4.
Mountain climbers.

Mountain climbers are an excellent way to burn calories.
The quick leg motion targets obliques, butt, and hamstrings.

How to do.

Start in a plank — shoulders over hands and weight on just your toes.
With your core engaged, bring your right knee forward under your chest, with the toes just off the ground.
Return to your basic plank. Switch legs, bringing the left knee forward.
Keep switching legs and begin to pick up the pace, until it feels a little like running in place in a plank position.

Number 5.
Jump Rope.

This another great exercise for weight loss.

How to do.

Check the length of your jump rope by holding it in your hands,
and ensuring the handles line up with your shoulders.
Start with feet together, hands holding ends of the jump rope, elbows in toward your ribs.
Swing the jump rope and hop over with feet together.
Do not jump in between, just jump with each swing of the rope.

Here is the Fat burning full-body routine for 1 day.

Do three rounds of the following sequence as fast as you can,
and take rest as little as possible between each exercise.

10 burpees with push-up.
10 lunges.
Squats 10 reps.
30 mountain climbers.
60 seconds of Jumping Rope.

Here are some diet tips you can follow.

  1. Drink Water.
  2. Reduce sugar intake.
  3. Eat more protein.
  4. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetable.etc.

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