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Simple Tricks to Lose Love Handles Fast

How can we Lose Love Handles Fast ? How to get thin hips? Well, maybe it’s time to change your training routine a bit or start a new one.
In this article, I will tell you simple tricks to lose love handles fast.

Here are the top seven simple exercises to lose love handles fast.

1. Blacksmith’s hammer

This may sound ridiculous, but it is an excellent exercise for burning fat. It also exercises the entire abdominal strap and deep muscles. Grab your hammer, also known as the Anglo Sledgehammer or Crossfit Hammer. If you are right, your hard hand is placed under the hammer and near the left. The stick should be raised above your head and your right shoulder, then put it in the middle of the tire, as you would like to cut wood. Make 20 reps on each side.

2. Wooden board

It’s not like it’s presented anymore; everyone has heard its name. The wooden board is a great classic which works for the abdominal muscles (psoas, inferior skeletal, lower back, oblique, and oblique abs class), so all kinds of equivalent compression will be perfect for us! You need to get the abs tight and keep your spine neutral.

3. Deadlift

Encourage energy exercises equally, immobilize you will work your back, legs, and abs, which will be used to maintain good posture. This exercise activates the core muscles, lower abdomen, Obelix, and lumbar region! It is also suitable for fat burning; it consumes a considerable amount of calories during and after training, especially when combined with other exercises in the form of a circuit. We must use it to remove the handles of love.

4. Battle rope: waves

A tool to get rid of neck fat: the rope of war! This exercise will help you increase your heart rate in less time than it says. Abs are heated for the movement’s duration, and I assure you that you will feel it.

5. Yarn

This is a great classic, famous Russian twist for abdominal exercises. Sit on the ground and bend your legs, allowing your feet to rest on the ground. Stretch your arms and weigh whatever the strength of the drug or whatever. You will tilt your body backward until you form a 45 angle with the ground. As your feet move off the ground, you will begin your rotation from left to right with your upper body, and the feet will remain still.

6. Box jumps

An equal incentive to practice plyometric, you stand at a reasonable distance in front of support (step or box). When you are ready, do a quarter of the squat very quickly, then jump before landing on your face support. You can go with the movement of your arms to gain speed.

7. Two-handed swing kettlebell

Did you know that this exercise is great for abs, why? This is because the ball induced by an explosive hip extension is about to be placed on the upper limbs (to move the kettlebell upwards). To transfer these forces, the stable muscles of the trunk need to create the lower abdominal athlete here.

You place the kettlebell on the floor in front of you, keep your legs shoulder-width apart, push your hips back, and hold the weight. Bring the kettlebell between your legs; then, while bringing your hips forward, the pressure should be brought forward, until it is equal to your chest, repeat (without resting the weight on the ground).

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