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Only 3 Chair Cardio Exercises Will Tighten Your Belly & Burn Calories

Do you know that you can Burn calories while sitting on a chair? Well, it’s true!
Chair cardio routines are one of the important exercises, where you can burn calories by performing these great low-impact exercises.
wants to Learn, how to perform these simple- effective chair cardio exercises.

For doing this chair exercise, all you need is a flat-backed sturdy chair (without wheels).

Now let’s see how to do this.

1. Seated Jacks:

First start with Seated Jacks, which help you burn a good amount of calories without getting drenched in sweat.

> Sit straight along with your knees.
> Join your knees and keep your toes pointed.
> Your elbows should be bent with your arms open to the sides
> Your palms should face forward.
> Take your both legs out to the sides and flex your feet.
> Let your legs land on the heel and bring your arms together above your head, just like a normal jumping jack.
> Now begin returning to the starting position.
> Do 25-30 reps in a row.

Watch Video:

2. Leg Lift And Twist:

This is another important part of chair exercise which is beneficial for your body and also your inner thighs, abs, and quadriceps.


> Sit on the edge of the chair.
> Begin extending your right leg straight. Remember to keep your foot grounded throughout.
> Cross your arms over your chest and brace your abs tight.
> Rotate your torso to the right as you lift your right leg to the left knee.
> Squeeze your knees together and begin returning to the starting position.
> Switch sides and repeat.
> Do around 15-25 reps.

3. Chair Running:

The funniest chair cardio exercises-“Chair Running” has been proven to work your arms, abs and legs.

> Sit straight and extend your legs.
> Keep your toes pointed and your arms bent at the sides.
> Brace your abs tight and let your shoulder blades touch the back of the chair lightly.
> Begin bending your right knee into your chest and turn your left shoulder towards your knee.
> Pull your right elbow back and switch sides immediately.
> Alternate and do 25-30 quick repetitions.

So, Try out these seated cardio exercises and tell us about your experiences in the comment below.








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