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Lose 15 Pounds In 14 Days By This Cucumber Diet Plan !

If you want to lose the additional pounds in no time,
this 14-days diet plan is perfect for you.

This diet consists of a cucumber,
which you can eat whenever you want and as long as you want.
Cucumber contains 95% water.
It will help your body to fill with new forces.
This diet is suitable for everyone,
because you can eat whatever you want and when you want.


#What you need to eat during this diet:

>> 2 boiled potatoes or 3 pieces of whole wheat bread,
>> 10 oz of fresh fruits,
>> 5 oz of oil-free tuna, 2 boiled eggs,
>> Fluids: tea, sugar-free coffee,

Fresh cucumber salad or drinking a cucumber shake at any time in between or together with your meals.
Similarly, you may eat both of them whenever you feel hungry. The quantity is unrestricted.

#Cucumber Diet Menu:

>> Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs and cucumber salad.

>> Between meals: 1 peach, 5 plums, or 1 big apple.

>> Lunch: 1 piece toasted whole wheat bread and cucumber salad.

>> Between meals: cucumber shake

>> Dinner: 4 oz chicken, 2 oz of fruit, 4 oz of green vegetables.

#How To Make Cucumber Salad:

You can prepare it quickly and its preparation is very simple.
All you need is 400g of cucumber, 0.8 cups of yogurt or sour milk, Fresh-young onion,
Salt and you can add some garlic if you want.

>> Instructions:

Peel and cut up cucumber in small slices.
Salt them and mix them with yogurt.
Add some garlic according to your wishes and it is ready.

#Cucumber Shake – Recipe:


a handful of spinach.
1 cucumber.
1 apple.
20 grams of almonds or walnuts.

>> Preparation:

* Blend the apple, spinach, and unpeeled cucumber.
* Put the ginger and blend again.
* Pour the shake in a glass.
* Add some crushed walnuts and almonds on top.
* Consume immediately.

Follow this diet for 14 days.
After 14 days you can start to change the food more to your liking but try to stick to a similar outline.
It is recommended to exercise throughout the diet.
This will definitely speed up the weight loss process.

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