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How to Take Care of Yourself when Pregnant

How to Take Care of Yourself when Pregnant.Pregnancy is a joyous and celebratory time,but it can also test the limits of your endurance. Pregnancy can be physically uncomfortable and emotionally intense, so this is a good time to practice self-care.

By taking steps to make yourself comfortable, doing your best to stay healthy, and allowing yourself a bit of pampering, you can spend more time enjoying yourself during pregnancy.

Lets see How to Take Care of Yourself when Pregnant.

Invest in some maternity clothing.

There is no need to purchase a whole new wardrobe, but a few key maternity pieces can really help you to feel more comfortable, and beautiful. Look for some good quality maternity leggings,and a soft dress that makes you feel good.

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Get a prenatal massage.

Find a massage therapist in your area who specializes in prenatal massage. This can help you to relax, reduce stress, and relieve sore and tired muscles. If you can’t afford a professional massage, ask your partner to give you a rub.

Eat bananas at night to avoid leg cramps.

Consuming potassium close to bedtime can help reduce instances of leg cramps.If you don’t like bananas, potassium is also found in potatoes and yogurt.

Sleep as much as you can.

Growing a baby is hard work, so get as much rest as possible. If it’s hard for you to sleep at night,
try sneaking a nap in during the day. It’s true that you won’t get much sleep once the baby arrives,
so get some downtown now.

Try sleeping on your left side, as this relieves pressure on your back.
Consider purchasing a pregnancy body pillow to make sleeping more comfortable.

Eat a little more than usual.

Pregnancy makes your hungry! You need to gain a bit of weight to keep you and your baby healthy.
It is important not to go totally overboard, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating a little more than you normally would.

Aim to consume 300-500 extra calories. For twins, double this.

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