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Believe it or not This Top 5 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Stop Eating Today

You know the seriousness of cancer. You know the toll it takes mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually,

and physically. It causes stress in your own mind and body as well as in your relationships with friends and

family. Cancer treatments can make it hard to do the things you’ve always done as a human being, a parent, or an


There’s nothing in your daily existence that cancer doesn’t touch. It’s an exhausting villain to fight and it

wipes you out in so many ways that are hard to explain to people who haven’t felt the impact of this horrific

disease in their own lives.

What if I told you there was something you could do right now to cut your cancer risk in half? That’s right, in


Top 5 Cancer Causing Foods to Cut Your Cancer Risk in Half



Canned Goods: Most cans are lined with a product called bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been shown to genetically

alter the brain cells of rats. Many plastic goods, thermal paper, water lines, and many dental composites also

contain BPA. Help protect your DNA by sticking to fresh or frozen vegetables that have no added ingredients for

your family’s table! These are better for you and available year-round.
Grilled Red Meat: While grilled food can taste delicious, scientists have discovered that preparing meats in

this way – especially processed meats like hot dogs – releases a carcinogen called heterocyclic aromatic amines.

When you grill red meat to the point of well-done, it changes the chemical and molecular structure of the meat.

You’re better off baking, broiling, or preparing meat in a skillet than on the grill.

Salted, Pickled, and Smoked Foods: These products typically contain preservatives, such as nitrates, which are

intended to prolong shelf life. The additives used in processed foods can accumulate in your body over time.

Eventually, such toxins cause damage at the cellular level and lead to diseases like cancer.

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