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A Guide to The KETOGENIC Diet for Weight Loss: A Complete Food List and 7 Day Menu

More than 50 studies indicate that Ketogenic diet provides several health benefits. Thus, this diet has become extremely popular these days. Beside other benefits this diet helps you in your weight loss efforts. In this post you are going to learn effective tips in this regard.

What’s a Ketogenic Diet?
A ketogenic diet or keto diet is just a high-fat, low-carb diet. It reduces blood sugar and insulin levels, while focusing body metabolism on ketones and fats. Ketones are manufactured when you consume little protein and low carbs.
Our livers use fat to produce ketones. These ketones are employed as fuel sources in various body parts, particularly the brain.

Other advantages of keto:
Studies indicate this diet goes with various health benefits:
• Heart disease: a keto diet could improve risk factors such as cholesterol levels, body fat, HDL, blood sugar and blood pressure.
• Cancer – keto is being implemented for treating different cancer types and slowing down tumor growth.
• Alzheimer’s disease: keto diet could reduce signs of Alzheimer’s disease as well as slowing its progress.
• Epilepsy – several studies have proven that ketogenic diet has the ability of reducing seizures in epileptic kids.
• Parkinson’ disease – a particular study showed that keto diet improved any symptoms of the Parkinson’s disease.
• Acne – reduced insulin levels and eating less of processed foods or sugar could improve acne.

Nevertheless, remember that these researches are far from conclusive.

A Sample Keto Meal Plan For A Week
To help you get started, here is a one week sample ketogenic diet meal plan for for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a ketogenic diet:
• Breakfast: eggs, bacon and tomatoes
• Lunch: chicken salad along with olive oil & feta cheese.
• Dinner : salmon and asparagus cooked along with butter
• Breakfast: tomato, eggs, basil and goat cheese omelet
• Lunch – peanut butter, almond milk, stevia milkshake and cocoa powder.
• Dinner: cheddar cheese, meatballs and vegetables.
• Breakfast: a keto milkshake
• Lunch: shrimp salad with avocado & olive oil
• Dinner: broccoli, salad, parmesan cheese with pork chops.
• Breakfast: onion, spices, peppers, salsa, and avocado with omelet.
• Lunch: a few nuts as well as celery sticks along with salsa and guacamole
• Dinner: chicken with pesto and cream cheese, with vegetables.
• Breakfast: sugar free yogurt along with peanut butter, stevia and cocoa powder.
• Lunch: beef fried in coconut oil with vegetables.
• Dinner: egg , cheese and bacon with burger with no buns
• Breakfast: cheese & Ham omelet with vegetables.
• Lunch: cheese slices & Ham with nuts
• Dinner: egg, white fish & spinach cooked in coconut oil
• Breakfast: mushrooms, bacon and fried eggs together.
• Lunch: cheese, salsa and guacamole with burger.
• Dinner: eggs and steak with a side salad.

Is a keto diet Great?
A keto diet is fantastic for diabetic or overweight individuals or those seeking to better their metabolism. Plus, it works if it can be consistently implemented long-term.

Finally, the health benefits of keto diets are simply impressive, so get started today!
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