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9 Biggest Mistakes Every Woman Should Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most special and beautiful stage for every female after their marriage. It is the most beautiful time when you need to take the greatest care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. But there are some common mistakes that women make during pregnancy. Today we will show you nine mistakes which should be avoided by every woman during pregnancy.

1. Long gaps between meals:

Be it rushing for the workplace in the morning or trying to finish your project on time, many pregnant woman skip their breakfast or meals, which isn’t right. You should take three to five meals a day and have nutritious snacks like fruits, sprouts, egg products and raw vegetables during the day.

2. Snacking mindlessly:

Do you know munching chips or snacking on a burger or a slice of pizza at work can lead to weight gain and water retention in pregnant women? Snack wisely and keep yourself well hydrated by consuming iced water or lemon juice. You can also eat fresh fruits, popcorn or hard-boiled eggs.

3. Being unplanned:

Sure, most women tend to miss out important details like project deadlines or doctor’s appointments and medications. In such cases, you end up both stressed and worried, trying to complete your task or being excessively tired at the end of the day. So always keep a notepad handy and list important tasks and plan.

4. Improper hydration:

During pregnancy, inadequate hydration might lead to pregnancy complications. Emma Derbyshire, author of Nutrition in the Childbearing Years, says women should increase their total water intake by an extra 300 ml/day throughout being pregnant and 700 ml/day during breastfeeding.

5. Being physically inactive:

Your busy professional life might prevent you from working out but walking around your workplace can lower your risk of blood clots, varicose veins and swelling of legs. You don’t have to perform strenuous exercises or heavy weights or lifting, but simple exercises and yoga might assist.

6. Exposure to second-hand smoke:

Smoking is a strict no-no during pregnancy, but exposure to passive smoking can also lead to premature birth, miscarriage, low birth weight and infant death. So stay away from individuals who smoke to prevent complications during pregnancy.

7. Drinking alcohol:

Each mom-to-be should keep in mind that there isn’t a secure limit of alcohol, and it better to stay away from it during pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief, fetal alcohol syndrome can be caused even by drinking a small amount of alcohol and might lead to birth defects and mental retardation.

8. Self-medication:

Be it herbal medicines or over the counter drugs, keep away from any self-medication, especially during the first three weeks of pregnancy. Always consult your doctor before popping any pill as exposure to wrong drugs could cause cleft lip palate, heart issues or damage the nervous system.

9. Working without a break:

Yes, most women tend to work with no break to finish their work beforehand and leave early. However, this puts them under a lot of stress, leaving them no space to relax. Therefore, schedule some portion of your time for relaxation and fun with small, frequent breaks.

This is all for today.

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