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9 Bad Habits Making You Fat While You Sleep

Bad Habits Making You Fat While You Sleep. We often lack perspective on our habits. As a result, we are not always aware of how bad some of our eating habits or lifestyle habits are actually for us. Which of our habits has a bad effect on our weight or our health? In today’s discussion, I will tell you which bad habits making you fat while you sleep.


1. Eat late at night

The habit of eating late at night makes you gain weight. After a certain hour, the body goes to sleep instead of digestion. However, digestion is reduced during sleep and digested food is stored.

So you need to eat early. Usually, early dinner will give your body enough time to digest food and avoid going to bed on a heavy stomach. It helps you sleep better and store less fat overnight.

2. Timely sleep leads to dissatisfaction

You know it when you come home after a long and stressful day at work and throw yourself on the sofa to distract yourself. According to statistics, people consume about 40 to 50% more calories when they are confused. Therefore, you have to control how much you eat and how much you need by filling your snack in the bowl.

3. Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress harm your weight in your life. Unfortunately, when we are stressed and sad we tend to work too hard so that we can easily suppress our feelings. In most cases, there is no urge to eat healthily, but there are high-calorie ones. If the so-called “emotional hunger” is occupying you, always pay attention to what you eat and do not suppress it with food.

4. Eat before bed

For many people, dinner does not end with eating. Control your eating behavior and notice that you also have a pattern about eating. Many people want to eat something sweet or salty if they feel hungry before going to bed. Instead, it is healthier if you have a small portion of fruit or treated nuts

5. Bad sleeping habits

For your biorhythm, and therefore your hormonal balance not to go out of balance, it is important to have a set schedule for your sleep

6. Too much television

What happens to our bodies when we sit in front of the television? Its overall effectiveness decreases its heart rate, blood pressure, its basic metabolism. With this, we burn less than 20 to 30 calories per minute! People who spend 2 hours in front of television are more likely to gain weight.
Not to mention, especially for kids, but for all of us, the urge to have breakfast in front of the television is often urgent. So as long as you’re in front of the TV … eat more!

7. Not getting enough sleep

You should know that if we don’t get enough sleep, our ghrelin levels, which are the hormones that arouse hunger, increase, and our leptin levels, the hormone that controls the feeling of satiety, decrease. One study found that losing hours of sleep per hour (about 8 hours for a typical night) means more than 3% more body fat !! Not sleeping for hours without multiplying 3%, it becomes very worrying.

Diet and exercise are not just responsible for physical well-being and wellness. It plays an equally important role in this: our sleep.
Did you know that lack of sleep can lead to weight gain? Those who sleep poorly or those who sleep too little have a much bigger appetite and are more prone to snacks. This is because the less we sleep, the higher our levels of sterile, the hunger hormone, which causes an increase in appetite.
One study found that people who sleep less usually burn 5 to 20% fewer calories at rest!

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