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7 Signs Your Blood Sugar is Too High

How’s your blood sugar been doing?It might sound like a strange question. It’s something to consider.In 2012, over 2.2 million deaths worldwide were linked to high blood sugar. Fast forward to 2016; over 1.6 million people died from diabetes.

Let’s talk about seven signs your blood sugar is too high.

1. Increased Thirst

Do you get thirsty? If you discover you’re suddenly very thirsty all the time, even if you’ve been drinking sufficient fluids, high blood sugar may be the wrongdoer. You may discover you’re feeling more and more thirsty after a big meal, especially one that features a lot of carbs like bread or pasta. If you feel much less thirsty after a short time, your levels have probably evened out, but if the feeling of thirst persists, you may have a more serious issue.

2. Dry Mouth

Along with thirst, excessive blood sugar will provide you with that gross, dry, cotton-mouth feeling, like there isn’t sufficient saliva to maintain your lips and tongue comfortable. Dehydration is an actual danger, especially for these with Type 2 diabetes, and is a serious symptom of HHNS. If you think you may be approaching harmful levels of dehydration, get medical consideration instantly.

3. Frequent Urination

That is one other aspect of the overall dehydration. People with excessive blood sugar will feel the necessity to go extra often than common, which will even exacerbate the feelings of thirst and dry mouth. And the dehydration will get worse, the urination will lower in frequency, and the urine will get darker in color. Because of this, the person is severely dehydrated and may have HHNS. If this occurs, get medical attention instantly.

4. Stomach Pain

Excessive blood sugar usually causes an upset stomach. If you don’t have diabetes, this will be your body attempting to digest a big meal, and even some mild inflammation of the organs, which usually occurs after eating a variety of refined carbohydrates and processed sugars. If you have diabetes, this stomach ache can recur. The situation is known as gastroparesis, and it occurs when blood sugar levels slow the contractions that transfer meals along with your digestive system, inflicting discomfort.

5. Nausea and Vomiting

Along with pain within the stomach, it’s frequent to feel nauseous when blood sugar levels are too high. This nausea will be doing to gastroparesis, as correctly. Excessive blood sugar may injury nerves within the stomach and digestive tract, which makes gastroparesis even worse, which may result in vomiting.

6. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is an indication that your blood sugar ranges are far too high and have been that manner for too long. It’s usually an indication of ketoacidosis, which is what occurs when your body ceases to have the ability to break down sugar, and so starts breaking down fats for energy, resulting in a buildup of waste materials called ketones. When these back up in your blood, they cause ketoacidosis, which may result in a diabetic coma. If you find yourself in need of breath, search medical assist instantly.

7. Blurred Vision

Blurry vision is commonly an early signal that your blood sugar levels aren’t fairly proper. Diabetes impacts the nerves of the body and may improve the danger of glaucoma, as well as diseases of the retina. If you discover elevated blurriness, even with glasses or contacts, eye pain, lack of peripheral vision, or double vision, you may be experiencing a side impact of excessive blood sugar. Talk to an eye doctor about what you can do.
Has your blood sugar ever been dangerously high? Do you know anyone with diabetes? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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