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Can washing hair in cold water prevent baldness?
Does cutting hair promote hair growth?
Actually, We junk common myths about hair loss, hair fall, and hair growth.
Remember these will certainly help you gain some insight into what’s causing hair loss.


MYTH 1: Hair loss comes from the mother’s side.

TRUTH: It is often genetic but comes from both parents.

Many people believe that hair loss is passed down from the mother’s side.
While the X chromosome (which you get from your mother) is the key gene for baldness,
it is not the only genetic factor. Men who have bald fathers also have an increased
chance of going bald. Baldness, in general, is usually genetically determined.

MYTH 2: Hair products cause hair loss.

Truth: Gel, wax, and hairspray have no effect on hair loss.

There is no link between most hair cause products and hair loss.
The main hair product culprits with a direct association with balding are the chemicals
found in some hair dyes. Harsh heat treatments used in hair straightening or styling can
also cause hair loss.

MYTH 3: Dandruff causes hair loss.

TRUTH: Extensive research by experts has revealed that there is, in fact,
no scientific co-relation between dandruff and hair loss, other than the fact that vigorous scratching,
because of a dry scalp, may cause hair to break, resulting in hair loss.

MYTH 4: Cutting hair promotes hair growth.

TRUTH: Hair is non-viable tissue, and there is no way to make it grow or not grow by cutting it.
In addition, cutting hair does not make it stronger or weaker, curlier or straighter. Although
cutting the hair may make it appear thicker due to the removal of split ends and added volume,
the hair will not become fuller.

MYTH 5: Washing hair in cold water will prevent baldness.

TRUTH: Washing your hair with cold water may increase blood circulation,
but it will not prevent baldness. There are some benefits of washing your hair in cold water,
such as frizz prevention and cuticle tightening. However, there are no direct associations between
washing your hair in cold water and baldness prevention.

MYTH 6: Direct sunlight on the head causes balding.

TRUTH: It doesn’t affect the hair follicles, as your hair acts as a natural shield to protect
the top of the head from the sun. Your hair will not fall out because of this.

MYTH 7: Regular brushing of the hair and scalp will prevent hair loss.

TRUTH: Brushing will boost circulation but will not stop balding.

In fact, brushing your hair too much may cause injury, which will lead to hair loss.
Many assume that boosting blood circulation in your head will make balding hair re-grow.
But, in fact, this is not true.


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