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5 Leg Exercises You Should Be Doing at Home

Tired of the same leg exercises day in, day out?
Looking to build muscle, lose weight or tone up your legs?
Well, you’re in the right place,
Today healthpedia present you the best leg exercises to do in the gym or at home.
so lets start..

Working your legs is a great way to burn more calories. Being the largest muscles in your body, the more leg exercises you perform, the more calories you will burn.

here is the list of Leg Exercises You Should Be Doing.



The squat is The best exercise for overall leg development,
it works almost every part of the lower body especially the glutes and quads.
There are lots of variations of this such as the body weight squat, goblet squat and the pistol squat which are great for switching things up.
Focus on keeping your back engaged during the movement and keep a neutral knee position and
remember, move the weight up slowly.


the lunges should definitely be added to your leg day.
Lunges work similar muscles as squats but with more of an emphasis on glutes and quads.
Start out with body weight lunges then add weight as you become more comfortable with them.

#3.Hip Thrusts.

This exercise is for those who are looking to build a big butt,
Without a doubt, Hip Thrusts is the best exercise for glutes, it also targets your hamstrings and lowers back.
Once you become able to do 16+ reps you can add weight by holding a kettlebell on your waist or laying a barbell across your hips.

#4.Romanian deadlifts.

Whilst most leg exercises focus on building or toning your quadriceps and glutes,
this exercise will help train an often neglected muscle, your hamstrings.
It’s also vital to keep your spine neutral and not rounded during this movement in order to activate your hamstrings and stay away from possible injury.

#5.Step-Up Lunge.

Step-Up Lunge is another great exercise with or without added weight,
this is a great functional movement that targets your quads and glutes.
Varying step height and weights are a good way to switch things up when you become proficient.

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