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5 Exercises You Should NEVER DO AGAIN

Here is the list of 5 Exercises that You Should NEVER DO AGAIN.
In order to stay injury free and continue on your path to achieving your fitness goals,

there are a few exercises which should absolutely be avoided!

#1. Behind The Head Lat Pulldowns:

This exercise isnโ€™t just bad โ€“ it can seriously injure you. When youโ€™re doing lat pulldowns, the bar should always stay in front of your shoulders. Keeping it behind your shoulders is an injury waiting to happen. So if you want to avoid putting insane amounts of stress on your shoulder that leads to injury, avoid this exercise.


#2.Chest Flyes:

This exercise could cause some serious problems for your shoulders. At the end of a rep, your shoulders are the body part carrying the majority of the weight. This leads to very sensitive and injury-prone shoulder joints. Instead of chest flyes, consider doing 3D Crossovers for a more effective and safe chest exercise.

#3.Kettlebell swings:

This exercise is really popular with CrossFitters, but newbs can cause some serious damage. The exercise is meant to exercise the hamstring and glutes, but some people put a lot of their arms into the action. This can lead to a lot of shoulder injuries.

#4.Triceps Dips

This exercise actually is good for your triceps โ€“but the problem is that itโ€™s bad for literally everything else.
It overloads the small muscles in your shoulderโ€™s rotator cuff, you know, the thing that all the baseball pitchers keep tearing? Thatโ€™s bad. You donโ€™t want to tear your rotator cuff. Itโ€™s bad news.

#5.Upright Rows:

When lowering the bar, your hands and elbows are in the worst possible position to allow your muscles to naturally do their work. This puts unnecessary strain on these joints and can cause some serious damage.

So, guys, these are the exercises which should absolutely be avoided!

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