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5 Everyday Habits That Are Causing You to Gain Weight

Many of us have tried many things to lose weight like haven’t eaten fast food and candy for a long time,
or doing exercise regularly.
but most of the case, we aren’t able to lose those extra pounds.

Do you know that- each one of us has some or other peculiar habit that contributes to weight gain?
yes, you heard that right.
most of the people out there just don’t understand that their normal morning habits can thwart them
from getting the body of their dreams.

Here is the list of 5-morning habits that you should give up right.

#1. You sleep too much.

We’ve all heard that a lack of shut-eye may cause weight gain,
thanks to elevated levels ofd the appetite-stimulating hormone cortisol in the body.
But turns out the opposite—getting too much sleep—might not be much better for you.
One study found that sleeping more than 10 hours a night also upped the risk of having
a higher BMI compared to those who got seven to nine hours a night.
so this is the right time to stop oversleep.

#2. You Forget To Measure Your Weight.

Researchers from Cornell University prove that,
daily weighing is an effective technique that raises your spirits to weight loss.
The best time to stamp on the scale is the first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.
Since you lose water weight overnight, you’ll get the most accurate number.

#3. You get ready in the dark

You must open the roller blinds or curtains instantly after waking up.
it has been discovered that the blue light waves from the early morning sun lift your metabolic rate,
and aid your body to get geared up for the day.
Even 20 to 30 minutes of sunshine is enough to impact your body mass index.
so If you keep the blinds closed after you wake up, you could be missing out on the
weight-loss benefits of the sun.

#4. You Don’t Make Your Bed.

A National Sleep Foundation survey found that individuals who make their beds also testified
better sleep relatively to others.
After all, sound sleep is the best way toward a healthy weight.

#5.You Skimp at Breakfast.

As per the latest research conducted by Tel Aviv University,
one should pamper himself/herself with an appetizing meal every morning.
In fact, a balanced breakfast that contains 600 calories of lean protein,
carbohydrates, and some dessert will make it easier for you to follow your daily diet plan.

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