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30 Day Challenge That Can Help You Get Rid of the Muffin Top

A 30 day challenge that can help you get rid of the muffin top.  You can do the following exercises for the muffin top blast.

>> Spiderman plank
>> Bicycle crunch
>> Russian twists

Lets see how can do these exercise…

Spiderman plank:

>> Assume a standard push-up position.
>> Begin exercise by bringing your left knee to your left elbow.
>> Return to starting position and repeat with the right side.

Bicycle crunch:

>> Sit on your glutes with your body at a 45 degrees angle.
>> Now put your hands behind your head but bring your left knee in towards your right elbow while straightening your right leg.
>> Now you will switch sides and do the same movement on the other side to complete one rep.

Russian twists:

>> Sit on an exercise mat with your legs fully extended and your upper body upright. Cross your your ankles and raise them off the floor slightly.
>> Bend your knees towards you slightly. Lean back about 15 degrees to balance your body. This is the start position.
>> In a smooth motion,turn your torso to the left and touch the plate on the floor. Make sure you exhale as you do this.
>> Return to the start position inhaling as you do so. Repeat the same movement from other side.

Here is the 30 day plan for you…

Day #1

Bicycle crunch for 30 seconds, spiderman plank for 15 seconds and Russian twists for 15 seconds.

Day #2

Bicycle crunch for 35 seconds, spiderman plank for 20 seconds, Russian twists for 20 seconds.

Day #3

Bicycle crunch for 40 seconds, spiderman plank 25 seconds, twists 25 seconds.

Day #4

Bicycle crunch for 45 seconds, spiderman plank for 30 seconds and twists for 30 seconds.

Day #5

Take rest and let your muscles recover.

Day #6

On the 6th day the intensity is increased by 10 seconds. Then the intensity is increased by 5 seconds.

Days #7-9

Bicycle crunch for 55 seconds, spiderman plank for 40 seconds, Russian twists for 40 seconds.
Continue adding 5 seconds every day.

Day #10

Day 10 is the next day for recovers exercises.

Add 5 seconds over the next few days:

Increase the time dedicated to exercising on day 11 by 10 secs per exercise, Bicycle crunch should be carried out for 80 sec, spiderman plank and twist for 65.  Follow the scheme of adding five seconds over the next few days till the recovery day at day 15.

Add 10 seconds over the next few days:

Continue by adding 10 seconds after the break . Day 16 should look like this: Bicycle crunch 105 seconds, spiderman plank and Russian twist for 90 sec.

Day #21

You should continue adding 5 seconds till the next recovery day, day 20, except for on day 21, which should look like this: Bicycle crunch 130 seconds and twists with spiderman plank 115 seconds.
The day 25 is the next recovery day.

Day #30

Continue following the same pattern for the last week of training. Your last day should finish with the following times: 2 minutes and 55 seconds for Bicycle crunch and 2 minutes, 40 seconds dedicated to the spiderman plank and twists exercises.

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