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12 Important Signs That Your Kidneys Need Help

How are your kidneys? For individuals who have suffered, are struggling or know someone suffering from liver disease knows that it’s a silent killer. What makes it much more dangerous is that it gets diagnosed at very late stages for most people. Not many people are educated sufficient to know that the signs of kidney disease aren’t silent; however, are redundant enough not to care. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, the symptoms could not even become current until the condition is critical.

In this article, we will show you 12 signs that your kidneys need help.

1. Feeling cold – when others are warm

Anemia could make you’re feeling cold regularly, even in a heated room.

2. Shortness of breath – after little or no effort

Being short of breath can be linked to the kidneys in two ways. First, excess fluid in the body can build up in the lungs. And second, anemia can leave your body oxygen-starved and short of breath.

3. Feeling faint, dizzy, or weak

Anemia related to kidney failure indicates that your brain is not getting sufficient oxygen. This may result in feeling faint, dizzy, or weak.

4. Trouble thinking clearly

Anemia related to kidney failure implies that your mind will not be getting sufficient oxygen. This may result in reminiscence issues or bother with focus.

5. Feeling very itchy

Kidneys eliminate wastes from the bloodstream. When kidneys fail, the build-up of wastes in your blood can make severe itching.

6. Swelling in hands or feet

Failing kidneys don’t remove additional fluid, which builds up in your body inflicting swelling in the legs, ankles, feet, and hands.

7. Swollen or puffy face

Failing kidneys do not remove additional fluid, which builds up in your body, causing swelling in the face.

8. Ammonia breath

A build-up of wastes in the blood may cause bad breath.

9. Upset stomach, nausea, vomiting

It won’t be a one-time thing. You will experience this more often than not. A severe build-up of wastes in the blood can cause vomiting and nausea. Loss of appetite can drive to weight loss.

10. Pressure when you make urine

Kidneys create urine, so when the kidneys are failing, the urine may change. You may feel pressure or have difficulty urinating.

11. Blood in the Urine

This is one of the symptoms that can’t be missed and is a direct cause for concern. So if you see this, don’t ignore it. Blood in the urine is the main symptom of kidney disease. You need to go to your doctor instantly if this symptom has surfaced because the blood in the urine could also be related to several bladder cancers.

12. Foamy Urine

I do know you probably think that a lot of these symptoms have to do just with the bladder, but because the bladder and kidneys are so related, the bladder is the primary to be affected if the kidneys are failing.

It’s essential to remember that if you have any of those symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve kidney damage. Many of those signs are a part of different diseases and infections, but they are worth looking into or consulting your doctor about if you experience them. They can save your kidneys and potentially your life.

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