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12 Hair Tips for Growing Long, Strong and Healthy Hair

Growing your hair can take time but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow our 5 Hair tips,
and you’ll have long, healthy locks in no time!

Stick with your natural color for a while.

Dying your hair in every month sounds fun but it can really damage your hair. Take a break from harmful dyes,and stick with a color natural to your own,so that when it grows out, it won’t tempt you to dye it again. Stick to your natural color for a while to reduce the damage on your hair.



Be careful with heat.

If you’re blow drying, straightening, or curling your hair, you must use heat protectant! If you don’t,
you’re risking not only strand damage but breakage as well,and no one wants uneven hair.

Don’t skip the trim.

When we finally start to see results of our hair growing, the last thing we want to do is trim our precious strands. However, when you skip out on the trim, you’re risking split end growth.
Once a hair strand splits, the split will grow and grow the more time that goes by.If the ends of your strands are starting to stick out,and you find yourself having to straighten them down, it’s probably time to trim your ends.

Rinse your hair with cold water before getting out of the shower.

Like the pores on your skin,hair follicles open up when your hair comes in contact with hot water and steam, close the follicles by rinsing your hair with cold water,as the last step of your shower routine.
This also helps prevent frizz because,your hair follicles are physically closed and,laying flat vs. open and pointed in different directions.

Maintain a healthy diet.

You don’t have to buy hair supplements to grow healthy hair.You can achieve health through increasing your veggie consumption,and eating more natural foods. Pay more attention to your food labels,
consult your doctor, and do your research on the best diet to help you get the natural vitamins,
and minerals you need for your age, height and weight.

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