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10 Ways To Improve Skin Care In Winter

season can easily wreak havoc on your skin — making it look dry, feel itchy,
and irritated. And it can also feel like there’s no relief: Cold, blustery
conditions outdoors can leave your skin feeling raw and rough, while indoor
heat zaps moisture from the air and from your skin making it feel dry.

In this Article, we will give you some authentic tips to follow when it comes to effective winter skincare, so that your skin can feel great during the winter:

1. Invest in a Humidifier to Maximize Moisture

when in use in your home or office will add moisture to dry winter air and help
keep your skin hydrated. Set up a humidifier in the places you spend the most
time indoors, including your bedroom.

2. Lower the Thermostat to Avoid Dryness

Central heat
can make the air around your house even drier. Set the thermostat at a cool
temperature — 68°F to 72°F — to maintain a healthy skin.

3. Limit Shower Time and Temperature

At times
taking a long, steamy shower can be quite appealing but your skin will do much
better if served with a 5- to 10-minute lukewarm shower (or bath). You should
try also to avoid using excessively hot water when washing your hands.

4. Apply for Gentle, Fragrance-Free Cleansers

Note that
the wrong soap can worsen itchiness and dry skin. For example normal bar soaps
may sometimes contain irritating ingredients and fragrances. Just, wash with a
moisturizing cleanser or gel that is fragrance free.

5. Prepare Your Facial Skin-Care Regimen for the

During the winter, choose a cream-based cleanser, and apply toners and astringents sparingly. Many of these astringents contain alcohol, which can also dry your skin.

6. Moisturize Frequently, Especially Your Hands

Keep a
healthy skin by moisturizing after washing up. “It’s probably best to
apply a cream or an ointment in the winter. Lotions are good but better during
warmer, humid climates. Also don’t forget your hands, especially during cold
and flu season.

7. Use of Sunscreen — Even on Gray Winter Days

During sunny
winter days, the snow reflects the sun’s rays by about 80 percent, thereby
increasing your risk of exposure to skin cancer. To put simply it’s always
important to apply sunscreen in the harsh winter weather as it is in the

8. Wear Appropriate, Comfortable, No irritating

A variety of
cold-weather fabrics can worsen dry winter skin. So, keep wool and rough
clothing from directly touching your skin. This may cause your skin to get
irritated and itchy.

9. Always Eat Right and Stay Hydrated

Dried skin
can be rehabilitated by foods or supplements that have omega-3 or omega-6 fatty
acids; they include fish oil and flaxseed oil. In hindsight, however, it is
essential to help the skin moisturize from the outside.”

10. Take off Wet Clothes Quickly to Avoid Itchy Skin

Wearing of
wet clothes and shoes can irritate your skin and cause itchiness. If gloves,
socks, and pants become wet, please be sure to remove them as soon as possible.

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