The human body is made 60% of water, so it cannot survive more than 72 hours without this amazing liquid.

Namely, every single part of our body, every tissue, cell, and body organ significantly depends on water.

numerous people do not know the most important symptoms of dehydration and may not notice it. These signs may help you act on time and prevent further complications.

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1. Accelerated heartbeat.

The proper body hydration affects your heart rate and performance. Namely, the lack of water in the body leads to more viscous blood and decreases the volume of the plasma, which leads to a circulation of the blood and accelerated heart rate.

2. Bad breath and dry mouth.

When you become dehydrated, you do not produce as much saliva. The reduced cleaning action of the saliva allows bacteria to grow, causing bad breath.

3. Abrupt food cravings.

In numerous cases, we can mistake our thirst with hunger. Namely, we crave for food when our body needs water. Hence, if you suddenly feel the need to eat something, you should first drink a glass of water before you get something to eat.

4. Pain in the joints and muscles.

Lack of water in the body increases the friction between the bones, which causes painful joints. This is due to the fact that our joints and cartilage are made of 80% water.

5. Headaches and dizziness.

Due to the decreased amount of liquid which surrounds your brain, and it is needed for the protection from mild knocks, you may experience dizziness and migraines.

6. Constipation and digestive issue.

In the case of dehydration, you may experience constipation, as the loss of fluid leads to a hardened stool, Which can lead to constipation and indigestion.

7. Fatigue and lethargy.

Proper body hydration will keep you alert and energetic. Dehydration also causes lethargy and fatigue. Therefore, you may experience lethargic feelings, exhaustion and sleepiness.

8. Decreased need for urination and changed urine color.

Your body may be dehydrated if you do not feel the need to urinate every few hours. In the case of properly hydrated body, the need to urinate appears around 4-7 times a day.

9. Dry skin and lips.

Water provides skin elasticity, Furthermore, water discards toxins from the body, so if you lack it, it will lead to the appearance of psoriasis, acne and eczema. Another common signs of dehydration are dry and chapped lips.

10. Brain fog or poor concentration.

dehydration may also impede the function of the brain, so it will negatively affect your mood, memory and decision- making skills.


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